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Super Junior Sorry Sorry series [ gif ]
Super Junior 
Sorry Sorry Series

admit it, this mv has nice choreography

the leveling never fails to amuse me

they were a rookie group and i didn't like them before

after bonaman i had a change of heart lol

it's the song that dominated channel v for 3 months

an entire summer of repeatedly hearing sorry sorry

the craze ended late June, at least in our school haha

i thought the others were just back-up dancers before

i couldn't see past the just charming factor

then Bonamana was released and the dance part in the middle was just 0.o

lol honestly Heechul and Eunhyuk made me change my mind bwaha!

ok number one, heechul is just plain evil >>> the infamous pranks explain why

second, he's really so feminine and me + androgyny = FETISH

third, saw Eunhyuk on let's go dream team...

hehe he stole the spotlight from Minho

i thought to myself, that skinny guy is really funny teehee

but before i continue, Heechul-ssi you're so pretty

ok going back to anchovy Eunhyuk... he disappeared from Dream Team
man that was S.A.D

then they made a comeback on Music Bank...
and i was like, WTF is that him?!?

cuz he did a dance solo on ripped his shirt...
so that's what he's been doing lately

Q: amongst the members who improved a lot?
A: Eunhyuk

i should stop blabbering about countrified Eunhyuk now

this is incomplete
solos are coming up...



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